Most Popular Karaoke Songs

big screen karaoke hire

Popular Karaoke Songs & Lyrics Want to know the most popular karaoke songs? Fortunately, or not, each country will have a different chart. There is some crossover with countries such as UK, US & Australia. This merging of popularity can be attributed to the marketing by record companies and TV…

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Karaoke Hire in Somerset

Abba karaoke lyrics

Somerset is a beautiful county, popular with holiday makers and locals alike. It boasts miles of beaches, wonderful hills and countryside, making it a great place tom hire a property for a weekend either by the see or in a lovely rural location. Karaoke has become a very popular over the last few years with families, groups of friends looking for a weekend away or celebrating a hen party, birthday or just a family holiday.

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Karaoke Hire, Big in Bristol

Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge

If you are looking to add a little something special to your party then this is for you. Karaoke went through a bit of a lull a few years ago but thanks to the many TV talent shows, it is now more popular than ever. With our karaoke rental service…

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